但是买枪要怎么买,有什么条件,有什么要求,有什么注意事项,这和电视剧里演的可不一样,比如你知道:纽约长岛和上州的居民(公民或绿卡)买长枪是不用证的么?所以Equilibrium Firearms LLC的老板来为大家科普一下,最基础的关于合法持枪的知识。

作为普通人,都需要到拥有FFL的Dealer进行购买。联邦火器执照(Federal Firearm License,下称FFL),也就是简称为FFL的Dealer能合法对平民出售武器。一般来说,平民都要通过FFL的 National Instant Criminal Background Check System 联邦背景调查买枪。

Equilibrium Firearms LLC就是典型的FFL Dealer,另外Walmart、Bass Pro Shops这样的实体枪店,枪展上的摊位还是网上枪店,本质上都是Licensed Federal Firearm Dealer (FFL)。

Founded in 2009, New Frontier Armory is a full-service firearm and class III weapons dealer, distributor and manufacturer located in North Las Vegas, Nevada.  We operate a 6,000+ sq ft retail outlet as well as an off-site wholesale distribution center and CNC manufacturing plant where we make many of our own firearms related products using the most state of the art equipment in the industry.

Our Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business is dedicated to providing both our retail and commercial customers with fair prices, honest information and the best customer service possible.  We do this by hiring a staff of highly qualified professionals and provide ongoing training to ensure we can meet your every need and help you find answers to all of your questions and concerns.

Stop in our retail outlet or contact us today to see why we are one of the largest and fastest growing gun stores in the valley!

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Equilibrium Firearms LLC 纽约火器店 华人枪店

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