纽约美食界最近被这样的一间“好”店所惊艳,还是纯正的中餐厅,店主朱小姐耗时两年,将最纯正精致的意境中餐好面馆(HAO NOODLE AND TEA)带来纽约。好面馆坐落在西村,W4 STATION对面。是汉舍在纽约的第一间店,沿袭汉舍中国清雅的路线,未进门已有”绿窗春睡轻”的意境。店设清丽中点缀中式古典,餐具器皿,桌台柜桓,都从中国运送。大量的绿植鲜花摆设让人放松心情,有种在厨艺高超的好友家的客厅用餐的做客感。

Nestled in the heart of Greenwich Village, Hao Noodle and Tea features a serene and intimate environment complemented by heavenly, housemade noodles and authentic Chinese recipes steeped by thousands of years of tradition.

In the Chinese language, “Hao” (好) means “Great”. Moreover, “Hao” (好) also symbolizes the strive for perfection. In the culinary world, “Hao” (好) proclaims a constant devotion to authenticity and quality. Thus, achieving “Hao”, is our restaurant’s mission.

In Chinese culture, we believe that days of joy and moments of happiness should be celebrated with great food, as our appreciation of food is the most intimate connection, which we can establish and share with each other. With several prominent restaurants in China including Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, we have now named our first US location here in New York, Hao Noodle and Tea by Madam Zhu’s Kitchen as a reminder for us to provide every guest with an exquisite culinary experience by virtue of the food we present and our earnest care for you.

Open hours today: 12:00 上午 - 3:00 下午
  • Monday

    11:30 上午 - 2:30 下午5:30 下午 - 10:00 下午

  • Tuesday

    11:30 上午 - 2:30 下午5:30 下午 - 10:00 下午

  • Wednesday

    11:30 上午 - 2:30 下午5:30 下午 - 10:00 下午

  • Thursday

    11:30 上午 - 2:30 下午5:30 下午 - 10:00 下午

  • Friday

    12:00 下午 - 3:00 下午5:30 下午 - 10:00 下午

  • Saturday

    12:00 上午 - 3:00 下午

  • Sunday

    12:00 下午 - 3:00 下午5:30 下午 - 10:00 上午

  • 04/20/2024 11:57 下午 local time


好面馆 Hao Noodle and Tea by Madam Zhu's Kitchen

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